It all begins with a passion for rare and extraordinarily beautiful gems and diamonds, a family trade and unbridled commitment of the Takat Family since 1955. We search all corners of the world for treasures of color wonder: gems that tell stories through the intensity and brilliance of their color; gems that become part of people's lives so they can further tell stories of love and commitment. To do them justice, we design dreams around them, imbuing them with our family knowledge and reputation. We work closely with the most reputable and responsible partners to ensure the highest standards of quality and ethical processing.

In the hands of our trusted craftsmen, each gem is carefully considered; their expert eyes, skilled hands with decades of training further enhancing nature's stunning color and beauty through perfect proportioned cuts and designs.

The process of creating one-of-a kind jewels is a balancing act of finesse, artistry and understanding. A jewel that bears our company name is a testament to our inspiration, love and desire that each piece finds the woman it's meant to, and that its unique nature beckons something special in her soul, and for generations after her.

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